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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cadillac’s Castle

A few months ago I fell upon this small boutique in the Lower East Side called Cadillac’s Castle (333E 9th st.) The store’s owners focus on bringing in lightly used designer pieces such as Missoni, Sigerson Morrison, T-bag, and Chloe. To add to the bliss of shopping at Cadillac’s the owners have a relationship with design company Walter, therefore a surplus of Walter pieces are constantly circulating the store and are half the price of what Saks sells them for.
Cadillac is also a consignment shop, therefore, I tend to take some of my pieces that I impulsively bought in my euphoria of shopping during sample sales, such as my DVF red gingham runway dress. This boutique is certainly a castle treasuring rare pieces at impeccable quality; which is worth the trip if are in the LES.