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Saturday, July 12, 2008


GoldBar is only made from the purest of gold as the dome shaped bar showcases walls adorned with embedded golden skulls complimented by a string of mock oil paintings representing GoldBar investors, trophy wives, a pack of pit bulls and the photographer's accountant. The golden chain curtains separate the bar from the lounge both filled with velvet medieval captain chairs. A D.J. booth is decorated with graffiti by an artist named Vinnie. $17 cocktails are served in forms of Bee's Kiss (aged rum, honey, and cream) and tapas are available if you arrive before the velvet rope comes out at 10pm. This is recommended because after 10pm a seemingly underage crowd embarks at GoldBar which is comparable to a night a at the Marquee or Pink Elephant.
389 Broome Street, Soho/Chinatown