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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kate loves her Bags and TopShop

Kate moss is on the Mundane cover of Vogue's "Ageless" issue, She speaks about her obsessive shopping tendencies and her upcoming TopShop line. Kate also brags about her handbag fixation, 'I would go and spend £3,000. That felt quite good.'" . . . She also has "at least 100 Chanel purses." She then goes on to speak about her new line for Topshop stating some of the highlights: "A slightly Beatles-esque wool sweater with just the right amount of stripes to keep it punky (around $110); there's a charming black chiffon flapper dress that could easily wander into a cocktail party on Park Avenue ($240); . . . a little faux-fur gilet ($100) . . . most of all I want the skinny black sweater with sheer chiffon blouson sleeves ($100)."