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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Sealed Fate?

Nigel's work
DJ Josh Madden

Nigel Barker

Project Runway Winner's boyfriend-Brad, Christian and Project Runway finalist Kevin

Cycle ten's America's Next Top Model winner Whitney and her roomate
Photos by: Fashionfirstlunchlater photographer-Thomas Cantley
Last night at 401 projects Nigel Barker presented “A sealed Fate”, a photography collection of Nigel's encounter with beautiful baby seals in Newfoundland before their ruthless killing.
In the East Coast of Canada the largest slaughter of marine life takes place every year. The slaughter of the seals is one of the cruelest forms of humanity; as hunters beat the seals to death with steel bats. The seal hunt will never end unless they ask for it. Meaning boycotting Canadian seafood is the alternative, until the Canadian government ends the commercial seal hunt for good.
Supporters packed into the stark gallery space, as open gift shop in a corner sold all things seals. Downstairs was transformed into an icy tundra as a documentary journaled Nigel’s observations with the baby seals in their habitat.
The night was overwhelming for Nigel as memories from his trip left him “feeling so dehumanized by another’s actions”. "As humans, we have the ability to be humane, it’s our choice."
To find out how to boycott the Canadian seafood go to: humanesociety.org/protectseals