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Monday, July 14, 2008

Socialist Club: Socialista

Socialista is anything but socialism, as it is all about keeping people behind the velvet rope as the snooty sizzling hot spot is owned by Harvey Weinstein, Giuseppe Cipriani, Sting and former bungalow 8 bouncer turned owner Armin Amiri. The upstairs lounge is a throwback to 1940’s Havana glamour as the interior is surrounded by wood shutters, distressed leather Ralph Lauren couches, cigars and a Cuban band. However, Socialista’s counterpart cafĂ© socialista located in the basement isn’t doing so well and closed this past Saturday for a makeover but planning to reopen September 1st. So until then except the callous bouncers to refuse entrance, only this time the riff raff crowd will not have the basement to settle for.