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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sparking a Revolution: LE LABO

LE LABO prides themselves in creating one of a kind fragrances in an industry where perfumes are mass-produced. The differentiation between LE LABO and the rest of the competition is that their goal is to create 10 exceptional fragrances that create a sensory shock as soon as you open the bottle. Essentially their laboratory is open to the public, the only perfume company in the market where the general public can purchase a “made to order” perfume.
Their first boutique started in Soho in a laboratory style store, now LE LABO boutiques span world wide. The store stocks 10 fragrances (3 men, 3 women, 3 unisex, 1 "infant"), all made from exotic botanicals. Clients’ simply select their aroma, as they watch the chemist create their concoction; each bottle is labeled with the mixed-on name and expiration date completed with the clients’ name, and the chemist's name.
The price is a little steep for branding your own scent with costs circling $230 for 50 ml and $360 for 100 ml.