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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sushi at Soto

Even though there is no sign on the little restaurant door of Soto located in the West Village people still manage to find their way inside the small dining area that seats 42 people. This sushi bar makes sure their fish is flown in from around the globe five times a week to make certain their sushi is one of the best in New York .Owner Sotohiro Kosugi and his two assistants create raw fish concoctions like, semi-fatty “chu-toro” tuna from Ecuador, fresh Amber Jack from Hawaii, and pearly white Toyama shrimp from Japan, all served in the proper Tokyo style dishware. Kosugi also offers up "live" items (such as flounder and snow crab), giving the choice of savoring your fish “pre or post” (pre means cleaner taste and chewier texture, post means it's softer and more flavorful).
As New York Sushi restaurants typically bend over backwards for the pretentious crowd, a pretentious price is soon to follow. However, at Soto prices remain humble.
357 Sixth Ave near Washington Place