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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend restaurant Tour

This weekend as we celebrated Independence Day we went on an haute cuisine tour of some of the best restaurants in New York, all courtesy of Thomas’ mother who was town this weekend. Friday night we started off at last week’s restaurant choice, Bread as we hoarded a pitcher of Sangria. Later on in the evening went to the Paris- inspired Bistro Balthazar on Spring Street where we enjoyed over 300 dollars worth of Malpeques oysters and Pinot Blanc. Saturday night we went to one of my favorite’s Mercer’s Kitchen, where they serve the best Soft Shell crab and white chocolate Martini’s. Later on in the evening we discovered a low profile bar called Merc located on Mercer Street. Merc has the comforts of a mountain lodge with its rustic interior as the dimly lit bar has cherry wood canoes strung from the ceilings. I foolishly had 3 stoli vanilla crème da cocoa Godiva liquers garnished with chocolate swizzle sticks; leaving me not to be able to remember much of the night. However, my sickening sweet hangover reminded me of sugary drinks I consumed. Sunday brought a day of nausea but I was able to join the affable dressed crowd at the over-hyped secret underground restaurant La Esquina (pictured above.) Where I savored my favorite sopa de Tortilla which was worth the three week reservation wait to get in. I must say I am a little sick of restaurants so I think tonight I will just order in.


Rick said...

lucky!! Balthazar's the best. AND mercer kitchen!! you weren't fu**ing around.
Parent-sponsored food tours are the best!