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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bake-sale meets Marie Antoinette

SWEETIEPIE – A “bake-sale meets Marie Antoinette” themed restaurant is set to open in the West Village and is sure to hit the sweet spot. Owner, Julie Janklow makes sure her restaurant will be fit for fashion princesses and queens alike.

Vintage sliver dining pieces mixed with Pickard China sets the mood for the parlor setting. Over sized lollipops are both décor and dessert as an antique Maison Jansen tea cart circles around the restaurant carrying an array of peppermint meringues, cakes, cupcakes and sundaes.
SWEETIEPIE plans to be a mini palace with pink marble floors and ice-cream parlor chairs, complete with a mad hatter- like mural.
The two-room restaurant with fit the capacity of 74 diners; all willing to kick their smart eating habits aside for high tea. Don't forget to try SWEETIEPIE'S adoring dish- The Sweetiepig Sundae-Victorian rose pudding made with strawberries and a light biscuit.
Their website is currently under construction, however is certainly worth bookmarking for future reference. http://www.sweetiepierestaurant.com/
SWEETIEPIE will open this fall at 19 Greenwich Ave.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the website? So cute!