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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Delicatessen's Fashionable circle serves the best S'mores

Bringing comfort food to the crossroads of Nolita and Soho, newly opened restaurant, Delicatessen serves all comfort, all food, all through out the day. A team of fashion savvy artists and designers created the space for this bi-level eatery.

Retractable glass garage doors encompass one half of the restaurant as a large-scale mural by local artist Juan Jose Heredia encompasses the other. Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson shot the menu covers and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson designed the staff uniforms.
Delicatessen is anticpating big names with big egos to dine, as they created a special VIP entrance for those who may think will draw too much attention to themselves; if they enter though the main entrance.

Dish of choice? The best dish by far on the menu is their S'mores. Graham cracker and brown sugar encrusted marshmallow's served with a small bowl of chocolate syrup and more graham crackers.