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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Employees Only Please

Employees Only began as an idea to create a restaurant that would be entirely owner operated and cater to others in the service industry.Using their combined previous knowledge in the field, the owners set a plan in motion to establish a speakeasy setting where restaurant industry workers could gather till the wee hours of the evening.

Located in the West Village, the inconspicuous red awning of the entrance of Employees Only would make any regular passerby not give a second glance. However, behind the inhospitable entrance lies a fortune teller ready to forecast how intoxicated you are going to be from the excessively abundant cocktail menu.
The 1920’s deco ambiance sets the mood as the high concept interior intermingles with the rustic-European menu. Try the parmesan-crusted pork chop or the house-cured gravlax served by handlebar moustache waiters.
Innovative drinks stand strong as the menu is overflowing with bourbon and absinthe- a perfect late night retreat where you can always order steak tartar until 4am. A reason why Employees only is deserving of our haute restaurant choice of the week.