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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Frugality and fashion make unlikely Bedfellows

As the maddening recession is on everyone minds, some are wondering if the current inflation period will have much influence on designer’s collections being presented during fashion week. Last season there was less opulence in womenswear with the increasing cost of ruffles, lacework and sequins. There was plenty of cashmere in last season’s collections however forms of cashmere were diluted with cotton.
Designers are finally listening to their consumers; therefore a change in price equals a change in quality. Designers want to offer their buyers friendly prices and seasonless pieces rather than a showstopper gown.
In times of a discerning economy designers have to be meticulous as to how they are going to execute and sell pieces to gain consumer loyalty and a reason to buy.
Vintage stores are on the rise to being exceptionally popular to buyers who still want quality with their intended price points. Designer co-ops are popping up all over the Lower East Side and around Manhattan to give new designers exposure and a chance at being introduced into the market.
The pressure of fashion week for designers during the recession is a massive backdrop of having to meet the demands of the public, editors, buyers and reviewers. Who all want to take something exceptional and impressive from each designer’s collection. It is then the designer’s job to make it possible while interlacing the concept of Frugal into high fashion.

From left to right: Richard Chai, Anna Sui, Marc by Marc

Photo: NyMag