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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Get the Hampton’s Feeling with Tracy Feith

When walking down Mulberry Street the last feeling that may come to mind is walking along a beach side oasis. However, when reaching Tracy feith’s store at 209 Mulberry Street, that carefree feeling may overcome your senses. Greeted by a colorful clan of larger than life surf boards the storefront windows are pulsating with color. Step inside for a Bohemia feel while perusing through the surf side collections that are anything but casual. These Hippie-chic dresses come in forms of floor lengths, Kimono styles, empires and shift dresses. Also another element worth your browsing time is Tracy Feith dishes, trinkets and the designer's own signature scent.

Additional location: 1319 Madison Ave. at 94th St.
Photo: Lauren Klain Carton