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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Model Cupcake

New York- the cupcake capital of the World. It is hard to find healthy cupcakes especially when cupcake havens like fat-laddened Magnolia runs the social circle of bakeries. However, the Lower East Side offers something much sweeter than the West Village. BabyCakes located at 248 Broome street offers the vegan version of cupcakes. No trace of eggs, dairy, sugar, and wheat is found in the bakery. Instead coconut oil, agave nectar, garbanzo flour, and spelt are the alternative to gluten flour and love handles. You can also get drunk off of the 1.50 frosting shots too! New York loves the frosting shots so much that Baby Cakes is opening is West Hollywood.
Babycakes also offers vegan muffins, cookies and drinks.
photos: Babycakes