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Monday, August 18, 2008

Style.com gets Lipo

Style.com has revamped its website and has removed all its excess weight and clutter.
"We have made significant improvements to the architecture of the site, from a better organized homepage to helpful navigational elements, like a New on Style.com module, that now appear on every page. The net result: It’s quicker and easier to find the wealth of content our editors produce every day.
Talking of which, we’ve not only improved popular existing features like our up-to-the-minute fashion show coverage, photo-packed party reports, behind-the-scenes videos, and user-generated lookbooks, we’re also introducing several new ones. Please check out our all-new Beauty Counter blog and our all-improved Style File blog. On September 2, look for Shop Now, a new feature in which our fashion editors will be scouring the Web sites of the world’s top designers and retailers for the best online finds. And come New York fashion week (which begins September 5—not that we need to tell you that), there will be lots more. A full-screen slideshow option will let you see runway photos in even more glorious detail, and our “virtual front row”—your favorite models, editors, and socials in avatar form—will provide instant feedback on the latest shows and backstage intrigues. We’re also happy to announce that model Coco Rocha is joining Style.com as our new video host."