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Friday, August 8, 2008

What’s so good about Butter?

Sure, Butter is one of the sleekest dining atmospheres in the city, and sure Gossip Girls filmed an episode there; but why all the fuss? As Butter saturates the trendy clientele their menu is less than impressive. Heavy on the carnivore dishes the selection includes: Crispy pounded Veal, Hudson Valley Duck breast and seared filet of beef. Trying the veal left a workout for the jaw as the fried portion was tough as leather.
The interior is striking however if you look closer to the details you will notice some shortcuts. The leather bench in the entrance of Butter is reminiscent of McDonald’s upholstery; and the downstairs lounge area is carpeted like an office. However, their wine list is impressive and they serve great cocktails, making Monday nights the place to be for social networking.
A dish suggestion? The side order of macaroni and cheese is suburb!
415 Lafayette StNew York, NY 10003


Anonymous said...

hmm i wish i could go to NY....
very cute blog!