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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Benjamin Bixby Bash at Barneys

Fashion week is only 2 days away...FINALLY. To kick of the week Barney's will hold the Benjamin Bixby Bash hosted by Charlize Theron and husband Stuart Townsend this Thrusday. The bash is to reveal the the Benjamin Bixby clothing line by Outkast member Andre 3000. Andre 3000 also stared with Charlize Theron in a film directed and written by Stuart Townsend called Battle in Seattle, which was shot in Vacouver. The party will start at 6pm which is one of the many parties commencing Fashion Week Spring 09.


Arabelle said...

Stylecaster mentioned you visited their offices as well, looks like blogging is a small world? The blog has blossomed... looking forward to your coverage on fashion week.