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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carolina Herrera

Another heavy hitting and heavy anticipated show was Carolina Herrera. Again PETA was outside the tents chanting for Herrera's cease on her usage of fur. Perhaps it worked, because no fur was used in the collection, then again it was the Spring line. 
The collections played on color and contrast. Sparkling coloring soaked the runway as Persimmon, hibiscus and Marigold fused together with white and finishes of black. The collection kept in tradition with past Herrera collections which always remains trendless and beautiful. 
Who kept the whole tent waiting 20 minutes longer (than usual) for her arrival? Rene Zellweger who awkwardly rushed in and apologized to Anna Wintour for her tardiness. 
Also Front row: Tory Burch 
Photos: fashionfirstlunchlater.com


Momma Magpie said...

That has to be Renee's sister next to her? Same pouty pretty lips...