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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Court Side at Nolita’s latest Boutique

New York style crusaders Nicole Tondre and Chrissy Wright co-owners of vintage boutique, Circa Now located in the Lower East Side have recently opened a contemporary boutique called Court located in Nolita at 178 Mulberry Street.
Catering to a girl’s relaxed sartorial standards, the owners of Court know a thing or too about what makes a girl lust after a certain dress or vintage piece. The store’s dark energy brings a sense of intrigue when one walks by the dark tinted windows and black painted store front. Inside is a rotating cast of women’s and men’s designer clothing and a few vintage pieces that inspire current collections.
Court is stringent on hand selecting a generation of new designers. Brands such as Sophomore by designer Chrissie Miller, Richard Ruiz and Kerrigan by Daryl K all hold a respectable spot within the custom wallpapered walls designed by Studio 33rpm.
The lacquered look and the antique feel of the boutique also includes a curiosa cabinet filled with gold nugget rings by Andrea Corson, human hair headbands and a collection of hard to find vintage denim. Court is certainly the shopping destination if your down on Mulberry street between the cross roads of little Italy and Chinatown, it will also keep your LV wallet at bay as prices start at just $50.