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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Vibrations at Michael Kors

A visual feast in the tents as Michael Kors featured two runways, that multiplied into intervals of eight models streamlining down the two catwalks at once. The audiences communal excitement resonated as bold stripes, gingham and polka dots juxtaposed black, navy and red. Kors Spring 09 show featured American sports wear at its best, with mixtures of chevron stripes and pin stripes. A remix of Beach boys Good Vibrations played ending with Cold play's Viva la Vida.
Michael's show definitely whored the most top models as our two girl crushes Agyness and Anja walked along with Lily, Coco and Jessica.      
Who was front row? Heidi Klum, Blake lively, Rachel Zoe, Joy Bryant, Nina Garcia.
Favorites Included: Black Cashmere Origami t-shirt, white yachting stripe doubleface crepe tricotine tunic. 
Photos: Zimbio