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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Handbag Lusting: Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch had a heavy presence this past New York fashion week, well at least her bags did. Every affluent editor and stylish fashionista sported her latest fall handbag, and why not? 40-year old British designer, Anya Hindmarch designs some of most coveted handbags and has created the celebrity following to match. Madonna and Reese Witherspoon have been photographed carrying the sensible yet chic bag that is never asphyxiated in logos.
When only 18, Hindmarch took to Florence to learn the Italian language and honed her skills designing her first drawstring leather bag. Knowing she was destined to be a great handbag designer she persuaded an editor of a glossy magazine in London to offer a special promotional purchase to readers. Today Hindmarch has 52 boutiques worldwide, sells to high end department stores and has many ties to ecommerce stores, such as Net-a-porter.
Hindmarch became a household name and lust after bag when she created the eco-friendly “I’m not a plastic bag”, cotton tote for $15. Her bag became an international sensation as 80,000 people lined up on its first day of sale in the U.K.; putting Hindmarch on the map as a heavy hitting handbag designer, her bags now range from $15-$2500. Her cotton tote was so successful that vendors on Canel Street now sell knock off’s of her renowned carrier.
As managing director of her 40 million dollar company and head designer of her brand, she is also a mother of four children between the ages of 5-19.Her and her husband sit side by side at her office as he is the director of finance for the company. Hindmarch is passionate about politics and when life becomes frenzied she maintains a positive equilibrium whenever she reads a WWII poster above her bed that inscribes, “Keep calm and carry on”.
Anya Hindmarch is the quintessential accessory designer, and for the consumer who purchases her handbags? Well, they are the epitome of style and class, of course.


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