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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Posed at Posen

Celebrity attendance has been lackluster this season but Zac Posen knows how to draw in a crowd. Celebrities were among editors at Zac Posen on Thursday night, many of them scattered amongst the several front row seating. Jada Pinkett Smith and Claire Danes in one section and Serena and Venus Williams in another section, taking a seat next to Anna Wintour. The 45 minute late show was meant for photographers who would use this opportunity to their benefit. The whole floor of the tent was one large flashbulb repeating itself over and over again. 

Posen who is most known for his sleek tailoring, pleating and his rugged good looks, brought out a tougher and edger side as ruffled biker jackets and minis motored down the runway. His signature dresses were of course executed exquisitely, however, did some of the girls, such as Raquel Zimmermann (shown above) and Coco Rocha gain a few pounds and inches in the midsection? Or was it extra padding around the hips to create a couture look? Either way these dresses will have longevity and a prosperous future, because whatever Posen creates inevitably turns to gold. 

After the show we joined Venus and Serena Williams at Pacha for the Gotham magazine party then headed to Soho as we met friends of Posen's at a private Dinner at Balthazar

Photos: fashionfirstlunchlater.com