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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Smart Move

Racked.com reports: Lots of changes for Style.com right now: In addition to their new beauty blog, the Condé Nast-owned site is launching an e-commerce channel called Shop Now. In other words, instead of just presenting a pair of hot fall boots you could buy, the site will now sell them to you. Doesn't this violate the separation between journalism and advertising? Sure, but as CondéNet's senior VP of marketing tells MediaWeek, fashion sites have been jumping back and forth across that boundary for years now. "We know that our editorial activates shopping. This isn't about a brand pushing product. It's about creating desires." Editors get to choose what to feature: For the launch, they were given 50 options from Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren, Bulgari and Net A Porter, and they picked ten favorites. Shop Now is supposed to go live today, although it doesn't seem to be up yet.