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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stella's Unlikely Show

Taking a break from the routine fashion week in London was Stella McCartney for Adidas show. Linley Hall in London was transformed into Stella's gym. Even Olympian athletes "modeled" Stella's S/S 09 collection. Her Adidas collections (past and present) encompass all things athletic spanning from tennis to golf to swimwear. 
Instead of having the girls walk down a conventional runway, they inside showed off their ready- to- wear workout gear, demonstrated how well they use it; and how good they look in it. Models balanced on beams, shared a tennis match, dived off diving boards and took a jog on a treadmill with high tech spray-painted leggings. 
Camp Stella executed the perfect installation setting, while guests walked,mingled and exchanged notes of which outfit will motivate them to exercise.  
Photos: Style.com