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Monday, September 22, 2008

Who says recessions bring down hem lines?

Obviously no one can escape the current inflation period. The Wall Street crash, Oil prices sky high and uncertain futures for some. It has always been logic that once a recession hits the hem line on a skirt goes down, like the economy. However, designers seem to think differently. Maybe it is because they are living in their luxurious bubble of high fashion, but many of them are raising the hem lines for Spring/Summer 09.  Take for example Roberto Cavalli's Just Cavalli line, all skirts and dresses at leave 14 inches over the knee cap. 
Photo: Style.com  


Juliet said...

Or then this is a sign not to worry.

juliet xxx

MeryJane said...
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MeryJane said...

For me fashion is a good escape and it meakes me feel more relaxed when something's wrong :D