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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Straight Men hate Fashion

The Huffington post did their take on reasons why American men hate fashion. However, we tend to think it has more to do with heterosexual men hating fashion. Most high fashion items are costly and inefficient and leave men sulking in the corner, instead of saving 2 months worth of pay for a velt pointed hat by Thom Browne
Marketing for men will never have the full gravity that marketing towards women will have. Men tend to just replenish, oppose to hunting for an item of clothing, while women lust, crave and dream about what they will spend their cheque or boyfriends cheque on next. 
Men's fashion has hardly changed over the last century, it has always been the old suit and tie routine and that's because men hate change. "The idea of fashion triggers off a response of "change", and men don't like change, says menswear designer Joan Varvatos. "So menswear has to be about evolution, not revolution."
However, if women can perpetually have an "it" bag of the season, can't men as well? 
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Keesean said...

point taken...
I'm just happy that I'm obsessed with fashion and not swimming in the scary land of sartorial oblivion lol