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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Check out those guns

Last evening in New York Madonna courted much talk when she sported Chanel's "Miami Vice" gun heels at the Filth and Wisdom premiere last night. Chanel's designer God, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by an image of a gun, for the label's 2009 mid-season Cruise collection. He then passed on the image to Chanel's shoe designer Laurence Decade. The 'Miami Vice' shoe was first seen on the catwalk, made of actual gun casings, painted silver, black, and gold. However the designs are being altered for Chanel boutiques, instead of acutal gun casings the materials will be made from perspex acrylic, called plexiglass. The shoe is set to be sold worldwide in November.

No doubt Madonna will take the heat and be seen in the national media as glamorizing guns and violence.