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Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama's Collection

The Cut Reports: When it was reported that Donatella Versace's most recent men's collection was inspired by Barack Obama, Donatella was quick to correct the press. Obama himself didn't inspire her, but rather "the type of man Barack Obama represents." However designers showing at Paris Fashion Week conveyed no such reserves about using their runway shows to blatantly support Barack. Vanessa Bruno's spring 2009 collection included sweaters that read "I have a dream" and "Obama." Jean-Charles de Castelbajac put Barack's grinning face on a dress paired with gloves that read "yes" and "no" — probably his way of saying "rock the vote." And at the end of her program notesStella McCartney wrote, “P.S. Vote Obama!!” None of this surprises us. What does, however, is that Barack didn't permeate the collections in London, Milan, or New York in this way. Maybe designers in other parts of the world didn't want to add fuel to the whole Obama-is-a-celebrity fire? Like embracing a First Lady who's posed nude, leave it to the French to say, "Yes, we can!"


Juliet said...

Well, people in France have always been passioned about love, food and politics, thoug the designers are all not from there it seems like a good atmosphere to show of their minds.

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