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Monday, October 27, 2008

Decadent Skulls

These ornately well-crafted skulls are not just for decoration but also for the enjoyment of their chocolately taste. Much more entertaining than the mini Mars bar inside a trick-or-treat bag, indulge in D.L & Co's macarbre skull chocolates. The "death by chocolate" line is the collaboration between the Gothic alchemist, Douglas Little, known for his candles and soaps and LA boutique chocolatier Valerie Confections
The skulls come in three assorted flavours: Curious Chilli, Scorched Caramel and Bitter Brandied Cherry. Each painted with a cocoa finish and packaged in a silk box all for the frightful price of $65 or one for $25- a little less frightful. 
Available at www.valerieconfections.com