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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What do you get when a model's sensory retreat is mixed with a photographers wine tasting lair? Dean and DeLuca founder, Giorgio DeLuca's interpretation of a classic Italian restaurant. Maybe it is Giorgio's business partner who is married to model Lana Ogilvy, who draws in the modelesque crowd and a photographer clientele, such as Steve Klein and Miles Altridge. Whatever the case may be, Giorgione located at 307 Spring Street is one of New York's best kept secrets.
The Oyster bar and the staggering three page wine list of Italy's most praised wines is beyond impressive. Choose your bottle and watch servers graze through the side wall, which doubles as an alphabetically listed wine cellar. The Carciofi alla giudea (fried artichokes) and the Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci al Pomodoro (ricotta & spinach ravioli in light tomato sauce) are among the best with a side order of Fagiolini (string beans.)
Special features also include different dining menus for brunch, lunch and weekend as well as a  dessert cart. Prices are what would be expected for such fare, the mood is uplifting yet tranquil for a classic Italian atmosphere. Deserving of our haute restaurant choice of the week Giorgione  is the best of Dean and Deluca.  
photo: Ny Mag.com