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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Monday was the private day time screening of Valentino: The Last Emperor, even Andre Leon Talley was present! The Complimentary popcorn smell tortured the size 2 editors and myself, but soon our feelings of wanting to gorge on buttery trans fat transcended into feelings of gorging on the beauty of Valentino's last collection.

The documentary opens with Valentino's Spring 06 collection and a retrospect of his affluently fashionable life with models, admirers and his beloved pugs.
Valentino is long known as the designer who's wants nothing more than to make women feel beautiful in what they are wearing.
There were intimate and oddly humorous moments between Valentino and his couturier/partner Giancarlo, arguing over pin tucks, models, execution and even color choices. Stating that Valentino's skin color is too tan.

Valentino is one of the last true couturiers of our time, in a world of mast consumption and mass production, Valentino is the definition of haute couture.