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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beyond 7 from Seven Showroom

In a time where hardly anyone wants to spend money on luxury, many boutiques are bearing the grunt of the economy. Most wouldn't consider opening a new boutique at a time when everything is uncertain. However, for Showroom Seven/Seventh House PR owner Karen Erickson is all about taking the gamble. 

The PR guru has had quite the success with her lucky number 7 businesses, and is now opening an innovative retail concept boutique, properly titled: Beyond 7.

The location is West Chelsea’s Terminal Warehouse building, complete industrial brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows.  The boutique will offer truly fashion-forward designers from Elise Overland, Andy & Debb, Sunjoo Moon, and VPL. All the pieces will be curated as if it were an art gallery, suspending the pieces from the ceiling on lucite bars.

Other tidbits available includes: Erickson Beamon chandeliers, vintage guitars and furniture. Beyond 7 is even taking appointments for astrology and psychic readings and they are also plan on renting out the space to hold dance recitals .....I guess they have to do something to attract people in this bad time. 


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