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Friday, November 21, 2008

Condé Nast lets another men's publication Go

A couple week's ago we heard about Men's Vogue folding at Vogue, and now the same thing is happening with DNR,Women's Wear Daily's brother menswear publication. The final publication will be Nov. 24. After that  WWD will take over all men's coverage of online and print.  Come December, a WWD Men's channel will be added to WWD.com, and every Thursday starting in January, WWD will publish in-depth WWD Men's reports. It is ironic because DNR was around long before WWD formed, DNR debuted in 1982 and WWD was only a small feature within, before it spun off into the industry's fashion bible .


MJ said...

I pray, pray, pray that nothing happens to Teen Vogue.