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Friday, November 7, 2008

Douce Your Dosa at Hamton's Chutney Co.

We have a little confession to make. We are obsessed with Hampton Chutney co. A little take-out/sit down place we often walk by multiply times a day in Soho, however never wandered in until this week. Hampton Chutney sets the stage for good karma at a inexpensive price. The addictive South-Indian dosas and Uttapa's are made from rice and lentil flour, thinned out to into a very wide and long crepe, then stuffed and folded with avocados, cilantro, traditional Indian spices and anything chutney. There is a large variety of these golden crisp wraps and most are under $9.00. You then have the choice of dousing your dosa into sides of pumpkin, piquant chutney and cilantro dips. We haven't ventured  far out of the realm of the Uttapa's, there is much more to taste but an addiction like this is hard to kick.

68 Prince St. Everyday 11-9