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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Humane Society Of The United States Hosts Cool Vs. Cruel Awards

In its fourth year, The Cool vs. Cruel Competition educates the future generation of designers enrolled in schools fashion programs about the cruelty of the fur industry, and encourages these designers to explore fur-free, animal-friendly fashions as a viable alternative. Last night the Bowery hotel held a night of ceremonies and cocktails for the three finalists of this animal friendly competition, while the final fifteen contestants pieces were on display. 
Celebrity judges and honorary committee members for this year's competition included: Kate BosworthAnn-Dexter JonesBrittany MurphyBetsey JohnsonBenjamin ChoCharlotte Ronson, The Donnas, Loden DagerMaggie Rizer, Maroon 5, Milla JovovichMickey BoardmanMonet MazurNicky HiltonNigel Barker, Rain Phoenix, Samantha RonsonSteven Klein, Suede and Victoria Bartlett.
To see the garments that were on display at the Bowery for the Cool vs. Cruel Competition visit: The Art Institutes or The HSUS' Web sites.
The night was short (the party ended at 9pm) , but the message about animal cruelty remains a long hard fight for animal protection, worth everyone's time and effort to boycott fur! Especially if you get to see Agyness DJ with boyfriend/fiance Albert Hammond Jr.!  
photos: Zimbio


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