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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Louis Vuitton Pigs

Every year China hosts an exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, many fashion forward, pushing the envelope artists come together to show off their creations. Wim Delvoye, a 43-year-old Belgian conceptual artist, tattooed eight pigs with the LV trademark symbol as part of an exhibit called "Art Farm". Delvoye had tattooed the designs on the animals when they were piglets and tracked the "canvases" as they grew. After string of complaints the exhibit was removed from the show. They were already displayed at a Beijing art show, which triggered controversy but was not removed.

Delvoye bred his pigs on a farm outside Beijing, letting his tattoos grow with the animals. They were then killed and stuffed and cost about £106,000. He says his pigs are treated humanely and they are given sedatives before being tattooed. Collectors can buy them live or purchase their tattooed skins when they die of old age...or if they are murdered and then stuffed. However, Delvoye stands by his artistic integrity and says the pig have plenty of food and enjoy better living conditions than millions of poor Chinese.