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Friday, November 28, 2008

Recession Proof your holiday shopping list

Black Friday marks the holiday shopping season, as many people can not afford to spend much on themselves it makes  shopping for others such a burden. However on December 2nd, the Earnest Sewn store on Washington street will launch “Recession Proof,” a back-room installation filled with goods all for less than $50, including: candles from Malin & Goetz,Dents gloves, Earnest Sewn scarves, Case & Sons knives, Moleskin notebooks, Barbour hats, 80%20 shoes, Shades of Griege shirts, Digby & Iona jewelry, Billy Kirk accessories, and pieces from the Quail.

The “Recession Proof” back room installation will be open to the public from December 2nd to January 2nd during normal store hours.

Earnest is also holding three shopping events during which you can get 40% off Earnest Sewn goods (and 20% off everything else). And for holiday good will the store will be holding a canned food drive in conjunction with the Food Bank for New York City and New York City Cares, for every can of food you bring in are eligible for a extra 1% off merchandise. (up to 20% off).