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Monday, November 10, 2008

The recordings of fashion History

Sarah Jessica Parker has been asked to lend her voice to the first ever audio guide accompaniment at the Costume Institute exhibit at the Met. SJP has recorded a guide to Costume: The Art of Dress. The recordings will direct visitors around 20 exhibits ncluding historical costumes and relevant paintings and sculptures from the museum's permanent collection - from November 25. 
"Looking beyond our encyclopedic collection of costume to the museum's other treasures puts clothing into a historical context," the Costume Institute's curator-in-charge, Harold Koda, tells WWD. "Walking through the galleries listening to Sarah Jessica Parker's narration will bring a sense of discovery and delight to the experience." Or are we listening to  SJP's character Carrie Bradshaw's narration? Lets hope. 
source/photo: Vogue UK, WWD