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Friday, December 19, 2008

Haggling for Bargains

The latest financial story on Bloomberg.com is the notion that shoppers have actually started negotiating printed prices at brick and motor stores as well as independent owned boutiques.
While major stores such as Saks and Intermix are selling stock at 50% off or more, smaller stores that carry the same brands just cannot afford to slash prices, especially in a shopping season that is suppose to drive the economy. Shoppers are asking the small boutiques to match department store prices or passing them by entirely.
Boutique owners and sales associates are “really amazed” that shoppers have the audacity to haggle for lower prices, even wholesale prices. However, many are giving in to the requests of these hagglers just because they feel they have no choice.

does this mean shoppers could negotiate their way to a new pair of Louboutins or a vintage Chanel bag? One could only dream...or at least wait for the sample sales.


M said...

those shoes are HAWT