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Friday, December 5, 2008

Haute Restaurant of the Week: Macondo

Named after a fictional Colombian village in Gabriel García Márquez's 1967 novel, "One Hundred Years of Solitude." Macondo is located in the Lower East Side, offering an elevated take on "comida de la calle" (Latin street food.) The Pan-Latin menu shares in dishes that span the South American continent, with fresh cocas from Barcelona, tantalizing empanadas from Colombia , churros from Spain, tacos from Mexico, and Arepas from Venezuela.

Macondo was created by Executive Chef Máximo Tejada and restaurateur Héctor Sanz (The team that also brought Rayuela) who strive to bring the best tapas from the Spanish Speaking worlds to New York City. The cocas (crisp flatbreads from Spain), Vegetariana with spinach and goat cheese and the tacos filled with lamb and Arugula are mini feasts for your taste buds, each bringing a unique blend of spice and bliss. 

Mecondo also offers a first to New York City, this new offering is known as the "Escanciar Sidra", a traditional and dramatic way of pouring hard cider that originated in Spain, in which the liquid cascades four feet from a spout into the customer's glass to create a brief, Champagne-like effervescence.

The atmosphere is deliciously plush with ivy covered greenery encompassing the ceiling and walls making it the ultimate retreat to bring friends for a night of sangria served in fishbowls and Quemadas (a Galician witches' brew that comes out in full flame.) Mocondo's concrete floors serves as the sidewalk through the "green" restaurant, set up to replicate a tropical rainforest. This dining spot is a prelude for a night of fun with friends, as only boastful and audible crowds dwell to this gourmet "street food" eatery.   

157 E. Houston St.
(between Allen and Eldridge)
New York, NY
Everyday    5PM - 12AM
Fri - Sat    Open til 3AM
Brunch    11AM - 4PM