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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recessional Chic

The biggest challenge for this holiday is perhaps trying to keep your priorities in check. How can fashionable holiday shopping and an economic crisis coexist merrily  during the season? Christmas is a time of luxury and indulgence and has little but anything to do with necessities or priorities. The lipstick index suggests that during tough times consumers spend money on little luxuries, such as a Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect Lip Gloss. No Balmain dress or shoes to wear to the office Christmas party, however at least people will be allocating some of their budgets to a D.L & Co. Amber candle a and Smythson pocket agenda for stocking stuffers. 
As the New York Times dwell on grim headlines of the dwindling DOW and economic bailouts, designers are truly inspired by these uncertain events. Last season Karl Lagerfeld signified the epoch with a Chanel tweed suit with worn elbows. These times have brought out the most unlikely of bedfellows. Mui Mui has also followed the wear and tear trend with pleated burlap and silk complete with frayed detailing and small holes. Isn’t it ironic how consumers are spending money on quality pieces filled with holes. Could this collapse actually be causing people to spend on foolish and unwise pieces? Or is it a radical transition from pristine designer choices to a more care-free approach to fashion? Either way fashion has never looked so rough around the edges.
The priority for this holiday season is to decide whether to spend your hard earn pay check on yourself and indulge in a recessional chic revolution or to pamper yourself and your friends with little holiday luxuries. Why not opt for the holiday luxuries for now and wait until the Boxing Day sales for those Balmain ripped and torn denim jeans as the first sign of your deep-seated lifestyle change. 


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