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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dubbed as the Trousergate Scandal...

This week Giorgio Armani has issued a "Trousergate" scandal in Milan, accusing D&G of copying the quilted men's pants that he showed as part of his collection in June.

The Guardian described it as "the most acidic row to hit the world of fashion for more than 15 years." After the D&G showed in Milan this past weekend, Armani noted that at least sixteen pairs of the quilted pants walked down the runway. "Now they copy me. Tomorrow they will learn," he told reporters. "I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!"Dolce and D&G are defending their designs arguing "We surely have plenty to learn, but certainly not from him," the partners, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said in a statement. "The Armani style was never a source of inspiration for us and it is years since we have bothered to watch his collections." An Armani spokesman says the designer doesn't plan to take any legal action and called his comments "a casual observation."

Why are these quilted satin blankets constructed into makeshift pants even worth the argument?


Sally House said...

Exactly, these pants should be hidden not pushed into the limelight

Anonymous said...

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