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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Haute Restaurant of the Week: Boqueria

January can be somewhat of an ominous month, the holidays have come to an end, debt has accumulated from festive spending and it's the dead of winter. Of course, throughout the holidays there has also been the over indulgence of fluffy desserts, Cornish hens, spiced egg nog, latkas and everything in between. This is why we have come up with the ideal solution to cure your post December woes. How about a little trip to Barcelona? Or at least a boca grande restaurant that is inspired by the Spanish capital.

Surrounding the famous Boqueria market in Barcelona is a profusion of caf├ęs, bars and small restaurants where buyers and sellers can indulge in their appetites and chat amongst friends. Owner of Suba, Yann De Roachefort and Chef Seamus Mullen brought this simple yet exceptional idea to New York, appropriately naming their venture, Boqueria. The fresh market food experience is all about unique bite size ingredients mixed with collective drinking and bliss. Choose among petite tapas or raciones which are elaborate dishes served in portions, allowing guests to create a meal with a variety of dishes rather than committing to just one dish.

The sleek rich interior and velvety neutral tones of marble and burlap is juxtaposed by the passionate flare of the Spanish and is reflected in each dish. The ensalada de Hino jo Gambas/ shaved fennel citrus, avocado and marinated rock shrimp, would be considered a clash of taste and texture to some but to Boqueria, it is a natural succession to the perfect dish.

A flourishing crowd of young artists, writers and creative director's alike pile into the communal tables and high bar stools, for adventures in cod fritters, Catalan style pork sausage and fried quail eggs. The wine list features regional Spanish wines and a selection of sparkling, Rosa's and sherries.

The prefect antidote to cure your January lethargies is to book your dinner destination to Soho or the flatiron district where your jaunt in Spanish splendor awaits.

Locations: 53 W. 19th Street 212-255-4160 , 171 Spring Street 212-343-4255
Hours: Sun-Thu, noon-midnight; Fri-Sat, noon-2am
Reservations: Not Accepted