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Friday, January 16, 2009

Haute Restaurant of Week: Ruby's

A tiny yet salient staple to the Nolita neighborhood is Ruby's café, an Australian bistro that doubles as a girl about town hotspot, owned by Aussie natives Nick Mathers, who recently opened Kingswood and Lincoln Pilcher. Beneath the bare bone structure of the five communal picnic tables and exposed brick walls, lays a captivating crowd of DNA and Elite model darlings; along with flourishing downtown artists. The small space is conducive to the charm of this down under hideaway, with an expansive brunch-and-dinner menu featuring Aussie indulgences from the east- coast.

The menu dabbles in delightful salads such as the Pumpkin with baby spinach, pine nuts and caramelized balsamic dressing but the heart of Ruby's fare is the true-blue Australian burger which keeps the crowds at large and consistently waiting for a space at the multiparty table. Choose between The Bronte, The Bondi, The Bluey and The Whaley, for a very unique and even decadent take on a traditional burger, try the Aussie burger, complete with ground beef mixed with chopped peppers, then topped with a fried egg, beet slices, and roasted pineapple.

In the mornings when burgers are just not an option, enjoy the Sunday Style Section of the New York Times with a Flat White –none too foamy version of a latte, and a warm bowl of the succulent oatmeal topped with fruit for a conventional Aussie "brekky".

The constant flurry of Nolita regulars denotes the notion that the people who dine here may suffer from Tall Poppy Syndrome. However, the relaxed atmosphere of Ruby's assures one to check their pretentions at the door.

RUBY's 219 Mulberry St between Prince & Spring St. Hours Daily: 9am-11pm. Cash only


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