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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Haute Restaurant of the Week: Sweetiepie

If you ever thought New York had a lack of Marie Antoinette meets-bakesale-meets-easy-chic Beverly Hills coffee shop, you’re finally in luck. Welcome to Sweetiepie, a charming, aberrant restaurant, dessert bar and absinthe fairytale all wrapped into one.

The prince and princess behind the Sweetiepie fairytale are owners and husband and wife team, Julie and Literary agent Luke Janklow of Janklow and Nesbit. The conception of this sweet retreat was due to the lack of magical space in the Janklow’s Greenwich neighborhood. Sweetiepie is inspired by restaurants of the past, many of them in California such as The Fountain Coffee Shop in the Beverly Hills Hotel and France’s iconic and opulent Marie Antoinette.

With the capacity to fit 74 guests into two rooms, the décor is intended to embrace all things lavish and imaginary. The interior decorator, Miles Redd, known for his classic clutter creations and stylist, and Lauren du Pont, who conceptualized the pink marble floors, candy apple red banquettes and a gold brass human birdcage (which seats six) to tantalize guests as soon as they enter the space.

A Palette of desserts served in an antique Maison Jensen tea cart is laden with an assortment of fantastical sweets, including the “Sweetiepig”, a vast sundae prepared for six people or one if you can possibly endure the repercussions. While awaiting your Sweetiepig guests can chomp on oversized lollipops which are both décor and a snack in between the candied bacon and sliver dollar pancakes. Plentiful servings of mac and cheese, a trio of mini burgers, and the classic grilled cheese all prepare by executive chef Humberto Gullapa are also featured on the kid friendly menu. For a more calorie conscious selection guests can choose the Le Roy Salad with Avocado, chicken and balsamic vinegar or the Tunamato.

For a day time nibble, a sweet evening or a Sunday brunch with the family, Sweetiepie is a retreat from the mundane and an ideal haven for all ages. Mom’s can feel glamorous sipping on absinthe cocktails while kids can slurp on Shirley Temples. What a sweet temptation!

SWEETIEPIE, 19 Greenwich Avenue btwn Christopher & W. 10th Streets, Hours: Mon-Fri noon-midnight Sat-Sut 10 am brunch-Midnight.


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