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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Countdown Begins

We are just a mere six weeks away from Fashion week, which means that the menswear show is already underway in Milan. As Diane Von Furstenberg is the president of the CDFA she is urging designers to choose their time slots for fashion week.
A new tradition this season will be put into practice: punctuality. This season each show must start no later than ten minutes after the hour, no matter how high the caliber of the designer; even Marc Jacobs must start on time. Guests of the show also must show the same courtesy meaning late comers will not be admitted. Fashion week Spring/summer 09 should hold for the most interesting and exciting times. With the new implementation of these new rules this means many quarrels will arise between editors, pr reps and designers alike cannot wait to report on it all starting September 5th.