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Monday, June 30, 2008

Party like a Rockstar

Last night we had an indulgent time at the screening tilted Joy Division: a documentary. The evening was held at New Museum on Bowery sponsored and hosted by Radar magazine and Belvedere vodka with a VIP after party to follow at The Randolph. When we first arrived we were greeted by a long line of die hard Joy Division (now named New Order) fans and past groupies. So we formed our own "press line" to ensure we were first in. After a 45 minute wait in the sweltering humidity we were finally the first to be let into the museum and escorted downstairs to the theater. I spotted the seats that contained gift bags, ran over and started rifling through to find many goodies such as a $300 gift certificate for a facial and a huge hardcover coffee table book filled with art. The documentary which was produced and created by their manager Tom Atencio depicted the early times and success of British rock band Joy Division before the lead singer, Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980. The hour and a half long documentary had footage of the days when the band first formed in 1976 and had interviews with the remaining members such as Peter hook who was also present to view the screening. Peter then sat down for an intimate Q and A after the documentary ended. If you never heard of the band or only knew their one mainstream song, "Love will tear us apart." You certainly felt as if you knew them after the documentary was over because of the candidness and raw attitude that shaped the film. After the Q and A we all headed over to the after party at The Randolph where the Belvedere was free flowing with mini burgers and potato chips served on the side. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my love, Agyness Deyn, as the PR girl I befriended told me she was on the list for the exclusive after party. Alas, she never showed up, it was a fantastical night of drinking and listening to Peter Hook DJ the party for the entire time. After 3 vodka waters with lime I decided to befriend the producer and manager Tom Atencio who was very cordial and drunk. Radar magazine really knows how to put on a party as the guest felt like they were partying like a rockstar.