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Monday, June 30, 2008

Turning a landmark into a Fashion First

The Liquor Store Bar, which was once an actual liquor store, is now no more. The Bar that was located in Tribeca at 235 West Broadway was a hot spot for people who didn’t care for the pretentious bouncers and the velvet rope setting. Instead the bar was known for their generous servings of Martinis for only $8.
This is all now just a drunken memory for the regular crowd that came in droves during Friday and Saturday nights. The Liquor Store Bar has been closed for an unlikely contender which will be taking its spot- J Crew. However, this J Crew doesn’t follow the rest of the preppy chain that you normally see on Fifth Avenue, but instead focuses its inventory as specialty store for men. Vintage Timex Watches and Japanese patch work jeans are just a couple of the items you will find at this collectible J Crew store.
The inventory will be a collection of high end products and first-edition books making this the first men’s only J Crew. The store is set to open this summer in an area that is quickly turning into another chic shopping neighborhood in NYC.