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Monday, June 30, 2008

Social Envy at its Best

You would never think that a quaint rickety old townhouse restaurant in the West Village would attract so many celebrities, New York socialites and hoards of paparazzi but Waverly Inn is the city’s most sought after restaurant, never accepting any reservations unless you have an in with owner, Graydon Carter himself. Carter is also a senior editor at Vanity Fair and is known to be even more tyrannical than Vogue’s Anna Wintour. A "Devil wears Prada" like movie titled; "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" depicts carter’s backstabbing ways. The movie is based on Toby Young's book about his dreadful time at Vanity Fair.
The theatrical value of Waverly inn creates such a buzz in the city that it has surpassed its year anniversary of being open to only New York’s elite and never for regular business. The New York Paparazzi receives half of their income of the photos they sell just for camping out there for five hours a night.
The menu doesn’t live up to the restaurants hype but is surprisingly inexpensive as prices for Appetizers range from $8 - $15 and entrĂ©es, $13 - $55. You just have to get past the bitchy fashion assistants/waiters first. If you do happen to get by the pretentious under paid wait staff and get seated towards the back of the first room (the ones that the Vogue editors scrap for)-you’ll know you’ve made it.