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Monday, July 21, 2008

Comfort Food Sanctuary

If you’re looking for all things Glycemic Nolita House is the superlative of comfort food. Deserving of our haute restaurant choice of the week Nolita House offers soothing dishes like Macaroni and cheese spring rolls, lobster bake with truffle oil and smoked Gouda and for dessert French toast tiramisu or their infamous homemade doughnuts.
Nolita House's sociable setting creates a neighborhood appeal unlike most New York restaurants. Customers are known as guests as the pleasant staff (a New York rarity) takes the time to banter in friendly conversation. This soothing dining experience has a down to earth setting mixed with the upscale twist on comfort food that will keep guests coming back.
47 East Houston Street
Between Mott & Mulberry Streets
South Side of Houston.